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Welcome to Sogood


SOGOOD: One of China's top ten manufactures of lighting!


With humble beginnings in the 1997 the Ma's family has journeyed through an exciting path in the electrical industry. At present SOGOOD Lighting's flag ship brand SOGOOD has positioned itself as a market leader in China for design,manufacturing and distribution of architectural,industrial-commercial lighting systems and through this experience create an even more exciting path as it develops a dynamic global network.

From the home shores of China with sales,customer service and warehouse operations in Shenzhen city,the SOGOOD team now expands to many areas in the word and offers all kinds of lights to them,such as UK,United state,United Arab Emirates,Philipins,Canada,Ecuador,Australia,Germany and so on. A strategic vision to continue support all the special request from else country.

With key local and international supply partners under the guidelines of ISO9001 quality management system,SOGOOD create innovative commercial,industrial and architectural lighitng products that deliver our customers professinal lighting solutions.At SOGOOD we understand the importance of China SOGOOD Main Made and now with our expansive global network we bring to the market the knowledge and experience of being Globally Competitive.

Our journey continues and with the development of innovative products and services together with the encoragement of our key supply partners and continued support of our loyal customers, we at SOGOOD see a positive future.

Sustained investment in our local and global networks is critical for our success!

Working in a global market,SOGOOD understand the importance of investing in engineering,quality and production facilities for the specific local market requirments hence our significant and continued investment in our China operations and our globa technical facilities.

Under the guidelines of our ISO9001 quality assurance management system our investment in our design and engineering teams will play an even more strategic component of our future as the lighting industry face the challenges of creating environmentally responsible lighitng solutiongs with a key focus of reducing green house gas emissions.

With our headquarters,manufacturing and engineering operations based in Shenzhen,together with our customer service and warehouse facilities,we believe SOGOOD is positioned to take the lead with these challenges.

Meeting demands is what we do best!

We are proud to call China home and it is where we have been instrumental in working with key lighitng materials supply and our professional R & D team to create innovative and dynamic lighiting installations.

With state of the art CAD programs and word class optical,thremal,electronic and electrical test facilities the investment in our SOGOOD techinical design team will continue to create innovative,awrd winning and energy efficient lighitng solutions.



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